Annual Reports

The Annual Report breaks down the Police Department’s activities during the last year. It also gives comparisons between the previous year and last year.

Year End Report – 2013:
In 2013, the staff of the Seneca Falls Police Department worked incessantly in support of our mission to provide effective police services that exceed the expectations of the citizens and visitors in our community. In support of our organizational mission, the Town Board in 2012, agreed to back fill a vacant Investigator’s position. The back fill of this vacant position allowed the road patrol more time to perform their duties, while the Investigator dedicated valuable time to thoroughly investigate serious felony level crimes. The Investigator’s position also stimulated better multi-agency cooperation on crimes, including drug investigations. 2013 was also the first year, in many years, that the Seneca Falls Police Department sponsored Police Recruit s in the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy. Sponsoring these Police Recruits shows a dedication and commitment to not only the Police Recruit and the Police Department, but to the community we so proudly serve.

Year End Report – 2012:
The 2012 year was a transition for not only the Department, but the community as well. This was the first year the Seneca Falls Police Department provided police services for the Town. The Seneca Falls Police Department met this challenge and exceeded expectations through dedication. integrity and professionalism. Improvements in our operation are continuously being made to upgrade the department’s performance in order to provide the public with an efficient Law Enforcement Agency. We revamped our policies and procedures, creating current General Orders through New York tate Accreditation. These General Orders will continuously be updated. therefore meeting and exceeding the New York State requirements. The members of the Seneca Falls Police Department are dedicated to the Mission Statement and Core Values that ultimately provide the professional law enforcement the citizens of Seneca Falls deserve.