April 2014

Seneca Falls Police

April 2014

Monthly Report

Town of Seneca Falls

Board Meeting

May 6, 2014

                                      Submitted by: Chief Stuart W. Peenstra

April Statistics

In the month of April 2014, the Seneca Falls Police Department handled 655 calls for service. Of these 655 calls for service, 66 resulted in criminal arrests. The Seneca Falls Police Department responded to 22 traffic accidents. SFPD also conducted 176 traffic stops for the month of April with 105 traffic tickets issued and 5 Driving While Intoxicated arrests.

In comparing April 2014 to April of 2013, calls for service were down 4% (687/655); Criminal arrests were down 34% (100/66); traffic arrests were down 33% (159/105); traffic accidents were down 15% (26/22); and Driving While Intoxicated arrests were down 44% (9/5).

The Seneca Falls Police Department was assisted by outside law enforcement agencies on 35 calls for service and assisted other outside law enforcement agencies on 9 calls for service in the month of April 2014.

Criminal Investigation Division

During April of 2014, the Criminal Investigation Division of the Seneca Falls Police Department was assigned eight new felony level cases.

CID testified in Supreme / County Court during April of 2014 on a previous felony arrest.

CID continued to assist other agencies during April of 2014. CID worked with a criminal investigator from the New York State Justice Department during April of 2014 on an open investigation in the Town of Seneca Falls. The NYS Justice Department specializes in the protection of people with special needs.

CID continued to assist the uniformed members of the department with numerous open cases, interviews, arrests, and after hours support.

CID continued to work on open cases from the previous months.

NYS Association of Chiefs of Police

Annual Training Conference

This year’s NYS Chiefs of Police annual training Conference will be held in Lake Placid from July 13-16 at the High Peaks Resort.

This year’s agenda includes presentations on leadership, constitutional policing, a review of a police murder, veteran’s issues, a compelling story of survival, policing in college communities, contemporary traffic issues, and more. NYPD Commissioner William Bratton is the scheduled keynote speaker for the installation banquet and Astronaut J. R. Reilly is the keynote speaker for opening ceremonies.

I am asking the Board to approve budgeted spending for me to attend this training conference again this year. The four night stay at the hotel will cost $687.72 and the cost for the training is $150.00.


On March 31st, 2014 through April 4th, 2014, Sgt Michael Petrocci completed 40 hourrs of Basic Investigative Photography. This course was held at the Elmira Public Safety Training Center in Elmira, NY. This course covered the specifics and importance of crime scene photography.

On April 9th, 2014 through April 11th, 2014, Officer Angela Quick completed the National Child Passenger Safety Program. This course covered the proper installation of Child Passenger Safety Seats and now Officer Quick is a certified Technician for installations. Training was held at the Cortlandville Fire Dept. in Cortland, NY.

On April 22nd and 23rd, 2014, Sgt/Inv. Eric Calabrese attended the 6th Annual Bivona Summit on Child Abuse at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center. The seminar was a training conference for professionals that work with children and to build awareness and education about child abuse in our community. Sgt/Inv Calabrese attended the following courses:

• Gentle Child Murder: Suffocation / Strangulation / Drowning

• Child Torture: The American Trend

• Cyberbullying, Sexting & Beyond

• Grooming: Making you see what I want you to see and believe

• Who Are These Children? Identifying the victims depicted in child pornography

• Child Sex Offender Case Studies: A Behavioral Perspective.

On April 23rd, 2014 through April 25th, 2014, Sgt Timothy Snyder and Officer Quick attended a Datamaster Certification Course which was held at the Seneca County Law Enforcement Center in Romulus, NY. Both Sgt Snyder and Officer Quick are now certified Breath Analysis Operators in the operation of the Datamaster.

On Thursday April 24, 2014 Chief Peenstra hosted New York State Intelligence Center FIO (Field Intelligence Officer) training at the Seneca Falls Police Department. This training was attended by all Law Enforcement Agencies in Seneca County and will help educate all Seneca County FIO’s with their roles and responsibilities as a FIO. This training will also cover future NYSIC Outreach programs that will be directed toward specific agencies in the very near future.

The training was instructed by Investigator Robert Frost from the NYSP; Tiffany Degilormo from NYS Division of Homeland Security (Albany) and NYS Police Investigator (NYSIC) Cooney Walters.


It is my recommendation to Supervisor Earle and Town Board members to change Sergeant Petrocci’s civil service status from Sergeant to Investigator and Officer Reynolds from the civil service position of Police Officer to Sergeant. Both of these changes will be on a limited basis until the completion of the Police Recruits’ Field Training. The backfill of this position will not take place until the July board meeting.

As noted in March’s report, the Seneca Falls Police conducted a recent study that consisted of sixteen other agencies that were similar, smaller, slightly larger and significantly larger in size. We decided to make comparisons with respect to populations, number of investigators/detectives, and Index Crimes (Violent-murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault and Property-burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft) to see what, if any commonalities there were in regard to our Police Department

The conclusion of this study showed that the average Police Department consisted of one investigator per 3,848 people and one investigator per 133 Index Crimes. The Seneca Falls Police Department CID is currently handling more than twice the average with respect to both Populous per Investigator and Index when compared to the test sample. (One investigator for 9,040 people and one investigator for 371 Index Crimes.)

By adding a second investigator to CID; the Seneca Falls Police Department would be within ‘normal’ operating conditions. (One investigator per 4,420 persons and one investigator per 185 Index Crimes) A second investigator will also allow for a more efficient ‘team’ approach and the Town of Seneca Falls will receive a better overall service from its police department.

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