February 2013

Seneca Falls Police

February 2013

Monthly Report

Town of Seneca Falls

Board Meeting

March 5th, 2013

 Submitted by: Chief Stuart W. Peenstra

 February Statistics

In the month of February 2013, the Seneca Falls Police Department handled 520 calls for service.  Of these 520 calls for service, 53 resulted in criminal arrests. The Seneca Falls Police Department responded to 28 traffic accidents, 3 of which resulted in personal injury; 1 DWI related and 3 reported hit and run.  SFPD also conducted 183 traffic stops for the month of February, with 140 traffic tickets issued and 9 Driving While Intoxicated arrests.

 In comparing February 2013 to February of 2012, calls for service were down by 45 (520/565); Criminal arrests were up by 17 (53/36); traffic arrests were up by 62 (140/78); traffic accidents were down by 4 (28/32); and driving while intoxicated arrests were up by 6 (9/3).

The Seneca Falls Police Department was assisted by outside law enforcement agencies on 22 calls for service and assisted other outside law enforcement agencies on 1 call for service in the month of February 2013.

 Forfeiture Account

 The Seneca Falls Police Department has recently received a check from the Seneca County District Attorney’s Office regarding 6 resolved forfeitures in 2012.  These forfeitures were a result of a civil action commenced by the District Attorney to seize items used in the commission of a Felony in Seneca Falls.  Once the case is closed and the item is sold, the Seneca Falls Police Department receives 41% of the total profit.  A separate checking account has been set up and will be managed by the Town Supervisor and the Police Chief.   This money is intended to enhance law enforcement efforts and will be used for such things as increased training and equipment.  The Seneca County DA will issue the department a check at the end of every year with any forfeiture money seized.

Officer Recognition

On February 21, 2013 Sergeant Michael C. Poole received the Seneca Falls Police Departments 2012 “Officer of The Year” award for Seneca County STOP DWI.  Sergeant Poole completed the 2012 year with 17 DWI arrests leading all law enforcement agencies in Seneca County. The award banquet was held at the Clarence Hotel and was paid for with utilizing fines from DWI convictions.   Sergeant Poole has been the Seneca Falls Police Department STOP DWI “Officer of the Year” for the past five consecutive years.

 On November 13, 2012 Officer Poole was among only 17 individuals statewide to be selected for the Prestigious NYS STOP-DWI MADD Individual Law Enforcement Award for his dedication to DWI Enforcement in 2011.


The Seneca Falls Police Department is highly recommending hiring Michael Roden as a Part-Time Police Officer.  Officer Roden is currently a veteran Police Officer with the City of Auburn Police Department with over fourteen years of experience.  Officer Roden will bring extensive credentials for in-service training.  Officer Roden is NYS certified Instructor in D.A.R.E; Side Handle Baton; Firearms; Defensive Tactics; EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operators Course); Internet Safety; and Active Shooter Emergency Response, to highlight a few.

 The Seneca Falls Town Board has agreed to maintain 7 part-time Police Officers in the Department.  Recent Civil Service requirements that pertain to the newly established Police Department, have made hiring available qualified Police Officers extremely difficult.  Hiring Officer Roden would bring our Part-Time Staff up to six, leaving one part-time vacancy open.

Noteworthy Incidents

On February 3, 2013, Officers responded to a residence on Chapel St. for a report of a noise disturbance. Upon arrival, Officers found a large party going on at that location with several persons under the age of 21 consuming alcoholic beverages. The underage subjects were all turned over to a parent or legal guardian. The male subject responsible for throwing the party was arrested and charged with 16 counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child and 1Act of Unlawful Possession of Alcohol Under the Age of 21. A 20yr old male who was at the party was also charged with Unlawful Possession of Alcohol under the Age of 21 and Unlawful Possession of Marijuana.

On February 7, 2013, our department arrested a 13 yr. old female and charged her with Sex Abuse 1st and Criminal Sex Act 1st. The juvenile is accused of having sexual contact with a 2yr old and a 4 yr. old on 12/24/12. The juvenile appeared in Seneca County Family court to answer the charges.

On February 13, 2013, Chief Peenstra conducted a presentation to Gould’s ITT Human Recourses; Environmental Health and Safety; and Security on the dangers and awareness of an active shooter incident.  The Seneca Falls Police Department is working with the corporation on educating employees on what to do during an active shooter incident and how to help prevent an incident like this from happening.

On February 15, 2013, our department arrested 2 Juveniles who were responsible for a Burglary that occurred at the offices for 25 Peterman Rd on December 31st, 2012. Both Juveniles were charged with Burglary 3rd, Petit Larceny, Conspiracy 6th, and Criminal Mischief. These Charges will be answered in Seneca County Family Court due to the defendant’s ages.

 2 hr. Parking Enforcement Downtown

The Chief of Police has been working with the Seneca Falls Downtown Business Association on developing a new initiative to enforce the 2 hr. parking limitation downtown.  The initiative will include such things as a new (one time only) “Warning Ticket” and an emphasis on directing people to the long term parking locations in the downtown area.

Seneca Meadows Donation

On January 25, 2013 Seneca Meadows Inc. issued the Town of Seneca Falls Police Department a check for $4,704.69 for the purchase of much needed safety equipment.  This money will be utilized to purchase such things as additional AED’s for every police vehicle and traffic control flashlights.  These items will provide additional safety to everyone that lives and visits the Town of Seneca Falls.

I have recently applied for a grant in an attempt to purchase the AED’s at half off the retail price.  I will wait to hear from this grant before the purchase of the AED’s are made.


On February 8, 2013, Sgt. /Inv. Calabrese and Sgt. Poole attended a School Threat Assessment Seminar held at the Cayuga/Onondaga BOCES in Auburn, NY. Topics that were discussed were School Resource Officers Tools, School Based Crime Prevention, Community Policing and School Violence.

On February 12th and 13th, 2013, Sgt./ Inv. Calabrese attended a two day Non-Fatal Shooting and Homicide Investigation Class held at the Monroe County Public Safety Training Center in Rochester, NY. Topics discussed were References and Investigative Resources Currently Available, First Response to Crime Scenes, Crime Scene Preservation, Neighborhood Canvass, Securing and Preserving Evidence, Interviewing Complainants, Witnesses, Victims, and Suspects.

On February 7, 2013, Sgt. Hawker attended a Glocks Armorers Course held at the Genesee Conservation League in Rochester, NY.

During the Month of February Members of the Dept received Online Training on the following courses:

Liability Management– Sgt. Hawker, Sgt. Petrocci, Chief Peenstra and Sgt. Poole

Approach of an Emotionally Disturbed Person – Alice Capacci, PO Denny, Sgt. Hawker, PO Jacobsen,  PO Lichak, PO Manheim,  PO A Mansell,  PO R Mansell,  Sgt. Petrocci and PO Reynolds

Behaviors That Can Cost You Your Life – Sgt. Hawker, and PO R. Mansell

Mobile Meth Labs – Sgt. Hawker, and PO Manheim

Discrimination Facts – PO Jacobsen

Armed and Dangerous – PO R Mansell, and PO Jacobsen

Police Use of Force Part 1 – PO R. Mansell Police Use of Force Part 2 – PO R. Mansell, and PO Jacobsen

Raging Subject Techniques and Physical Control – PO Jacobsen

Tactical Thinking: Traffic Stops – PO Manheim, and PO Lichak

Domestic Violence Detecting Strangulation – Sgt. Petrocci, and PO A. Mansell

Child Abuse: Physical Abuse – PO R. Mansell, and PO A. Mansell

Domestic Violence Court – PO A. Mansell

Tactical Jaw and Limb Control – PO R. Mansell

1st Responder to Active Shooter Situation – Sgt. Petrocci, and PO R. Mansell

Confrontational Handcuffing – Sgt. Petrocci, and PO R. Mansell

No Regard for Life – The Rolling Gun Battle – PO R. Mansell

Interview Techniques – PO R. Mansell; Chief Peenstra

Drug Raid Planning – Sgt. Petrocci

Vehicle Search 1 – Sgt. Petrocci

Crime Scene Response – Sgt. Calabrese

Report Writing 1 and 2 – Sgt. Calabrese

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