February 2014

Seneca Falls Police 

February 2014

Monthly Report

 Town of Seneca Falls Board Meeting

March 18, 2014

 Submitted by: Chief Stuart W. Peenstra

February Statistics

In the month of February 2014, the Seneca Falls Police Department handled 509 calls for service. Of these 509 calls for service, 23 resulted in criminal arrests. The Seneca Falls Police Department responded to 38 traffic accidents. SFPD also conducted 118 traffic stops for the month of February with 35 traffic tickets issued and 3 Driving While Intoxicated arrests.

In comparing February 2014 to February of 2013, calls for service were down 2% (520/509); Criminal arrests were down 56% (53/23); traffic arrests were down 75% (140/35); traffic accidents were up 40% (27/38); and Driving While Intoxicated arrests were down 66% (9/3).

The Seneca Falls Police Department was assisted by outside law enforcement agencies on 22 calls for service and assisted other outside law enforcement agencies on 19 calls for service in the month of February 2014.

Criminal Investigation Division

During the month of February of 2014, the Criminal Investigation Division of the Seneca Falls Police Department arrested (2) individuals on (3) charges, (1) Felony, (1) Misdemeanor, (1) other. (The “other” charge being a “Fugitive from Justice”, from the State of Pennsylvania.)

CID was assigned approximately (11) new cases in February of 2014.

CID assisted outside agencies approximately (8) times during February.

CID continued to assist the NYSP with the 1985 homicide case as time permitted.

CID assisted uniformed members of the PD with suspect interviews on some misdemeanor cases.

CID attended Taser / Instructor recertification school during February.

CID submitted testimony to the Seneca County Family Court during February 2014.

CID continued working on the employment background investigations during February of 2014.

CID continued to work on open cases from previous months as well as continued assisting the road patrol with cases as well as after-hours support.

2013 S.F.P.D. Year End Report

The 2013 Seneca Falls Police Department Year End Report is now complete and viewable on our web site. It is with great pride that Chief Peenstra submits this report which details the Department’s activities during the 2013 year.

Last year’s Annual Report was based on the 2011 Village Police Department in comparison to 2012 Town Police Department. This year’s Annual Report is the first true year to year comparison of the Town Police, since the transition from the Village Police into the Town Police Department.

2013 was the first full year the Town of Seneca Falls Police Department had the backfill vacant Investigators position. The backfill of the Investigator allowed the road patrol more time to perform their duties, while the Investigator dedicated valuable time to thoroughly investigate serious felony level crimes. The Investigator’s position also stimulated better multi-agency cooperation on crimes, including drug investigations.


On February 7th, 2014 Chief Peenstra and Sgt/Inv. Calabrese successfully completed an 8 hour Taser Instructor Recertification course which was held in Greece, NY. The course reviewed Taser usage, testing and proficiency. Taser Instructor Recertification is required every 2 years. General Taser re-certification is required yearly for the department members carrying the Taser. Chief Peenstra and Sergeant/Investigator Calabrese will be able to continue in-service training with members of the Seneca Falls Police Department.

Sgt/Inv. Calabrese and Sgt. Poole successfully completed NYS DCJS BAC recertification for Datamaster. The Datamaster is an instrument used to determine a subject’s blood alcohol content. The training was conducted online during Sgt/Inv. Calabrese and Sgt. Poole’s regularly scheduled shift, thus creating no additional cost.

Sgt. Poole attended and completed Field Training Officer School which was held in Auburn, NY on February 3rd through February 6th, 2014. Sgt. Poole is now certified in training new officers in the department.

Police Academy / Recruit Update

February 10, 2014 was the first day for the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy. The following Recruits were hired at the January Board Meeting and are being sponsored by the Seneca Falls Police Department.

Their names are:

Bradley Clouston

Thomas Cleere

Bethany Kidd

Mathew Burlew

These positions were required to fill the department’s current 2 full-time vacancies and part-time vacancies. The Recruits are currently in their 5th week. The academy is anticipated to end on July 30th, 2014. The Recruits will then enter Field Training for another 12 to 16 weeks.

Seneca Falls School District Lock-Down Drill

On February 11th the Seneca Falls Police Department in collaboration and cooperation with the Seneca Falls Central School District conducted a “mock” lockdown drill at Frank Knight Elementary School and Elizabeth Cady Stanton Elementary School. All faculty, staff, and students were cooperative and followed protocol from the School District’s Safety Plan.

This Lockdown drill was the first of many practice drills that the Police Department and School District will conduct, as we continue to build a working relationship together, making our schools safer for our children.

Forfeiture Account

On February 11th, 2014 District Attorney Barry Porsch presented the Seneca Falls Police Department a check in the amount of $4,701.40. This money was obtained as a result of three resolved 2013 Civil Forfeiture proceedings. These forfeitures were a result of a civil action commenced by the District Attorney to seize items used in the commission of a Felony in the Town of Seneca Falls

Under CPLR article 13-A, the Seneca Falls Police Department is entitled to 41% of the money obtained in a Civil Forfeiture proceeding against a defendant convicted of a felony. (The State’s share is 32% and the District Attorneys Share is 27%)

I am asking the Town Board to place the $4,701.40 check into the Seneca Falls Police Departments Forfeiture Account. The current balance in the account is $270.00. This money is intended to enhance law enforcement efforts and will be used for such things as increased training and equipment. 2012 was the first year the Seneca Falls Police Department initiated a Forfeiture Account. Last year’s check totaled $2,678.53. $2,408.53 was used in 2013, to purchase much needed surveillance equipment for the Police Department.

Seneca County Drug Quiz Show

On February 4, 2014 Chief Peenstra participated as a judge in the 20th Annual Seneca County Drug Quiz Show. The Drug Quiz Show is put on by Elizabeth Wiatrowski from the Council on Alcoholism and Addictions of the Finger Lakes. The Drug Quiz Show questions Middle School students in Seneca County on their knowledge of substance abuse awareness. I am proud to announce that the Seneca Falls Middle School won again this year for the fifth consecutive year. This year’s event was hosted at the Waterloo High School.




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