July 2014

Seneca Falls Police

July 2014

Monthly Report

Town of Seneca Falls

Board Meeting

August 5, 2014

Submitted by: Chief Stuart W. Peenstra

July Statistics

In the month of July 2014, the Seneca Falls Police Department handled 818 calls for service. Of these 818 calls for service, 54 resulted in criminal arrests. The Seneca Falls Police Department responded to 38 traffic accidents. SFPD also conducted 159 traffic stops for the month of July with 82 traffic tickets issued and 5 Driving While Intoxicated arrests.

In comparing July 2013 to July of 2014, calls for service were up 4% (784/818); criminal arrests were up 12% (48/54); traffic arrests were down 38% (133/82); traffic accidents were up 15% (33/38); and Driving While Intoxicated arrests were down 28% (7/5).

The Seneca Falls Police Department was assisted by outside law enforcement agencies on 41 calls for service and assisted other outside law enforcement agencies on 24 calls for service in the month of July, 2014.

Criminal Investigation Division

During July of 2014 the Criminal Investigation Division of the Seneca Falls Police Department arrested (1) individual on (1) charge. CID also assisted the road patrols with open criminal investigations.

CID completed several interviews during July of 2014 and was assigned one background investigation during July of 2014.

CID attended training on Interview and Interrogation techniques hosted by the Waterloo Police Department at the Waterloo High School. The Instructor was Retired Rochester Police Department Lt. Al Joseph. Joseph is known for his skill in interview and interrogation and his book “We get Confessions”.

CID assisted the Seneca County Narcotics Unit during July of 2014.

CID attended a LIFESPAN meeting at the SCSD in Romulus in regards to an open investigation that CID is working on. Lifespan is an agency out of Rochester that assists with financial crimes against the elderly. The meeting was held at the SCSD. The Seneca Falls Police Department established the Seneca County E-MDT team associated with LIFESPAN.

CID and the SCSD Narcotics Unit completed a detail at a Town of Seneca Falls location during July of 2014. The location was a source of numerous criminal complaints.

CID prepared for and submitted trail testimony in the Bill Cram Vandalism case during July of 2014. CID is happy to report that the trail ended with the conviction of one of the defendants on all counts. The additional suspects are scheduled for trial later in the year.


On July 30th, 2014 Officer Bradley Clouston; Officer Thomas Cleere; Officer Matthew Burlew; and Officer Bethany Kidd successfully graduated from the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy. These Officers began their field training 4 weeks ago and will be required to pass a minimum of 8 additional weeks of field training before their official release of field training.

Officer Bradley Clouston; Officer Thomas Cleere: and Officer Matthew Burlew are appointed Full-Time Police Officer to back-fill the current three vacancies. Officer Bethany Kidd will be appointed as a Part-Time Police Officer filling one of our three open vacancies.

Update on NYS Accreditation

 On July 8 – 10 2014 the Seneca Falls Police Department successfully completed an onsite Accreditation Assessment. The onsite assessment was conducted by 3 New York State Accreditation Assessors. The lead assessor, University of Buffalo Police Chief Gerald Schoenle, has made written recommendation to the Accreditation Board for the Seneca Falls Police Department to be officially accredited at the Accreditation Council meeting held on September 18th at the Division of Criminal Justice Services, Alfred E. Smith State Office Building, 80 South Swan Street, in Albany, New York. Program Manager Sergeant Timothy A. Snyder and I will be attending.

The DCSJ accreditation program is designed to help police agencies evaluate and improve their overall performance, and provides formal recognition that the organization meets or exceeds general expectations of quality in the field. Among all New York State police agencies, only 20 percent have successfully completed the accreditation process.

Accreditation aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of New York State law enforcement agencies by utilizing existing personnel, equipment and facilities; promoting increased cooperation and coordination among law-enforcement and criminal-justice agencies; ensuring appropriate training of personnel, and adopting Best Practices, policies and procedures that meet these mandatory standards.

Agencies participating in the accreditation program must meet or exceed 133 standards in administration, training and operations. Additionally, the Seneca Falls Police Department has established 236 department policies within the 2 ½ years of accreditation implementation.

Accreditation is awarded following an on-site assessment by an independent team of assessors. The DCJS committee that awards accreditation to agencies includes representatives of the; New York State Chiefs’ and Sheriffs’ Association, the State Police Superintendent, New York City Police Commissioner, an official of a statewide police labor organization, an incumbent police officer, a deputy sheriff and a college criminal-justice professor. Other members represent the Association of Counties, Association of Towns, Conference of Mayors and state Senate and Assembly.

Benefits of completing the program include identifying and correcting procedural deficiencies, developing proactive management systems, reducing the likelihood of liability litigation and securing community, local and state government support.


From July 13th through July 17, 2014 Chief Stuart Peenstra attended the New York State Association of Chief of Police Annual Training Conference that was held in Lake Placid, NY. The following are some of the training seminars that were attended;

1 ) Keynote Address by Dr. James R. Reilly, Ph.D. . Dr. Reilly is the Associate Vice President and Dean of Science and Technology Development for American Public University System and a former NASA astronaut.

2 ) After Action Review: The shooting of Deputy Kurt Wyman which was put on by Chief Michael Ranalli, Esq. of Glenville PD and Undersheriff Robert Swenszkowski of Oneida Co Sheriff’s Office. This seminar reviewed the events that led to the tragic murder of Deputy Wyman including areas such as policy, training, initial patrol response, command and control, response team, equipment considerations and concluding with Lessons Learned.

3 ) Veterans in Crisis by Trooper Juanita Salas-Jackson of the New York State Police. This covered how law enforcement works with veterans in crisis including post-traumatic stress and suicide awareness.

4 ) Contemporary Issues in Traffic Safety by John Coyle of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Asst. commissioner chuck DeWeese of New York DMV and Thruway Sgt. Douglas Paquette of the New York State Police. Covered in this Session was Contemporary Issued in Traffic Safety and an overview of the Impaired Driving Program.

5 ) Research, Planning and Analysis in Policing by Chief Brian Kilcullen of Schenectady PD and Matthew Douglas, Intelligence Analyst Supervisor Schenectady PD. They talked about the use of Data in the decision making process.

6 ) The Justice Center by Anthony Bruno, Chief of Investigations. Chief Bruno provided and overview of the Justice Center for the protection of people with special needs, a new state agency that protects the health, safety and dignity of disabled persons.

7 ) Agency Liability: Effective and Constitutional Policing by Eric P. Daigle, Esq. This training focused on civil and criminal liability that is imposed on command level and first line supervisors.

8 ) Survivor’s Story by Trooper Sayeh Rivzafar of the New York State Police. Trpr. Rivzafar shared her story of abduction as a small child and how she survived to triumph over tragedy.

9 ) Policing in College Communities was an open panel presentation in which speakers talked about issues and how partnerships as well as dialogue between campus and local law enforcement can help address these areas.

10 ) The Current State of Al-Qa’ida and Affiliated Movements by Brian Nussbaum, Sr. Intelligence Analyst and Ian Anderson, Intelligence Analyst. This was an overview of recent developments within al-Qa’ida and how the conflict in Syria is likely to effect al-Qa’dida affiliated movements in the future.

11 ) Keynote Address by Commision William Bratton of New York City PD.

Training Continued

On July 14 and 15, 2014, Sgt/Inv Calabrese and Police Officer Davids attended and completed an Interview and Interrogation Course which was held at the Waterloo Senior High School. The course was offered by the Waterloo Police Dept. and was free of charge. The two day course covered Miranda Warnings, legal issues pertaining to confessions in NYS, court preparation, truthful and deceptive behavior, conducting criminal investigations and getting legal confessions.

Harbor / Parking Attendant

The Parking / Harbor Attendant began Monday July 7th 2014. Larry Lang has returned for his second year with this seasonal part-time position.

July Activity Report

Handicap parking:

There were a total of 17 handicapped parking tickets written between Fall St. and State Street:

• Four (4) of these tickets were ripped up due to the person showing their handicap tag in which they did not place on their rear view mirror.

• Two (2) of these tickets were voided at the police station due to them showing their handicap tag when they came in.

• Eleven (11) tickets were given and the process of them showing up to court was begun.



• 1st Week

     o 2 Tickets written

     § 1 Voided

 • 2nd Week

      o 10 Tickets Written

      § 2 Voided

 • 3rd Week

      o 3 Tickets Written

      § 1 Voided

 • 4th Week

     o 1 Ticket Written

     § 1 Voided

Two (2) hour parking:

There were a total of 49 courtesy tickets written for the purpose of the two (2) hour parking.

• Forty-nine (49) tickets were written due to staying longer then the two hours allotted.

• Twelve (12) of these tickets were written to out of state vehicles.

• One (1) of these tickets was written for parking in a no parking area (parked in front of Jessica’s Boutique.


• 1st Week

     o 12 Courtesy tickets written

 • 2nd Week

    o 8 Courtesy tickets written

 • 3rd Week

    o 9 Courtesy tickets written

• 4th Week

   o 20 Courtesy tickets written

Due to the courtesy tickets being written, there was 1 repeat offender.


For the month of July, there were a total of forty (81) boats who registered when docking at the harbor.

• 1st week

     o 5 Boats

• 2nd Week

      o 19 Boats

• 3rd Week

     o 24 Boats

• 4th Week

    o 18 Boats

• 5th Week

   o 15 Boats



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