June 2014

Seneca Falls Police

June 2014

Monthly Report

Town of Seneca Falls

Board Meeting

July 1, 2014

Submitted by: Chief Stuart W. Peenstra

June Statistics

In the month of June 2014, the Seneca Falls Police Department handled 734 calls for service. Of these 734 calls for service, 43 resulted in criminal arrests. The Seneca Falls Police Department responded to 26 traffic accidents. SFPD also conducted 127 traffic stops for the month of June with 97 traffic tickets issued and 6 Driving While Intoxicated arrests.

In comparing June 2013 to June of 2014, calls for service were down 2.5% (754/734); criminal arrests were down 28% (60/43); traffic arrests were up 10% (88/97); traffic accidents were down 36% (41/26); and Driving While Intoxicated arrests remained the same

The Seneca Falls Police Department was assisted by outside law enforcement agencies on 41 calls for service and assisted other outside law enforcement agencies on 16 calls for service in the month of June 2014.

Criminal Investigation Division

During June of 2014 the Criminal Investigation Division of the Seneca Falls Police Department assisted the road patrol members numerous times on criminal investigations. CID closed approximately (3); recovered stolen property; and completed several interviews on open criminal investigations.

CID was assisted by the following agencies during June of 2014: NYSP Troop E HQ BCI – polygraph examination, NYS Department of Financial Services – arson case, NYS Justice Department – sex abuse case and Lifespan of Greater Rochester – fraud / grand larceny case.

CID continued to assist other agencies with criminal investigations including the Seneca County Narcotics Unit.

CID worked with Seneca County Division of Human Services / Child Protective during June of 2014.


On 06/04-06/2014, Chief Peenstra attended the Field Training Officer Regional Coordinator Training Course which was held at the NYS Preparedness Center in Oriskany, NY. The course included the topics of; NYSIC Resources, The Intelligence Cycle, NYSIC Intelligence Collection Plan, FIO Program Overview/Roles and Responsibilities, Intelligence Led Policing, Intelligence Liaison Officer Program, Terrorism Attack Cycle, Inmate Radicalization, and Disengaged Community Outreach.

On 06/26/2014, Chief Peenstra, Sgt/Inv. Calabrese, Sgt Hawker, PO Gentile and PO Davids attended Emerging Drug Trend training which was held at the Holiday Inn in Waterloo, NY. The training was presented by DEA-NY Field Division. Chemists from the DEA North East lab discussed the identification of drugs which are prevalent throughout NYS; bath salts, morphine, heroin, prescription drugs, synthetic drugs and fentanyl. DEA Special Agent Daus spoke about what the DEA is seeing as far as emerging drug trends within NYS.


On June 27th 2014 the 4 Police Recruits who were currently assigned to the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy completed their classroom training and have begun their four week academy field training. If successful, the four Recruits are scheduled for their official Police Academy Graduation on July 30 2014. The recruits will then be required to pass a minimum of 8 additional weeks of field training before their official release to work alone.

Officer Bradley Clouston; Officer Thomas Cleere: and Officer Matthew Burlew are appointed Full-Time Police Officer to back-fill the current three vacancies. Officer Bethany Kidd will be appointed as a Part-Time Police Officer filling one of our three open vacancies.

Harbor / Parking Attendant

The Parking / Harbor Attendant will begin Monday July 7th, 2014. Larry Lang will be returning for his second year with this seasonal part-time position. Larry was a welcomed addition to the downtown 2hr parking and harbor. This position was created last year after many requests by the Seneca Falls Downtown Business Association.


On June 1st, 2014 the Seneca Falls Police Department assisted the United States Capital Police with a detail at the future home of the National Woman’s Hall of Fame (Knitting Mill 1 Canal St.). The event hosted many representatives from Congress including Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. The event consisted of a bus tour along with a ceremony from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM.


Update on NYS Accreditation

The Seneca Falls Police Department will be conducting our on-site Accreditation Assessment on July 8-10, 2014.  The on-site assessment will be conducted by 3 New York State Accreditation Assessors. If successful, the lead assessor will make a written recommendation to the Accreditation Board for the department to be a recognized New York State Accredited Police Agency.


Accreditation is a progressive and contemporary way of helping police agencies evaluate and improve their overall performance. It provides formal recognition that an organization meets or exceeds general expectations of quality in the field. Accreditation acknowledges the implementation of policies that are conceptually sound and operationally effective.

The New York State program became operational in 1989 and has four principle goals:

1. To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement agencies utilizing existing personnel, equipment and facilities to the extent possible

2. To promote increased cooperation and coordination among law enforcement agencies and other agencies of the criminal justice services

3. To ensure the appropriate training of law enforcement personnel; and

4. To promote public confidence.

The Accreditation Program is comprised of 133 standards and is divided into three categories. Standards in the Administrative section have provisions for such topics as agency organization, fiscal management, personnel practices, and records. Training standards encompass basic and in-service instruction, as well as training for supervisors and specialized or technical assignments. Operations standards deal with such critical and litigious topics as high-speed pursuits, roadblocks, patrol, and unusual occurrences.

E-911 Board Update

As an active voting member of the Seneca County E-911 Board I would like to update all Town Board Members on an exciting new project that Seneca County Public Safety professionals are currently working on to become more technologically advanced in order to better serve the community. As part of this process, multiple first responder agencies over the past year have analyzed its operations to identify any gaps in functionality and processes.

Additionally, the group has conducted a thorough vendor vetting process. The collective group has concluded that its current software vendor for dispatch (CAD), records (RMS – including mobile), and various other public safety software significantly limits Seneca County’s 1st responders the ability to most effectively serve the community.

Furthermore, through an involved analysis of the county’s system operations and processes, Seneca County’s 911 Advisory Board has identified “Spillman Technologies” as a vendor uniquely qualified and capable of properly addressing its needs. The E-911 Board has presented this to the Seneca County Board of Supervisors for action at the July 8th County Board Meeting.

The purchase of a new software solution would address the problems encountered in the current system, and would significantly improve agency response times, streamline daily workflow, enhance data accuracy, mitigate potential liabilities, and ultimately improve the safety of first responders and the public.

Total projected cost for this project is $1,309,087. Funding for this project is being sought through county taxes with a possible reimbursement from a state grant.

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