September 2013

Seneca Falls Police September 2013

Monthly Report

 Town of Seneca Falls Board Meeting October 1st, 2013

 Submitted by: Chief Stuart W. Peenstra

 September Statistics

In the month of September 2013, the Seneca Falls Police Department handled 733 calls for service. Of these 733 calls for service, 71 resulted in criminal arrests. The Seneca Falls Police Department responded to 37 traffic accidents. SFPD also conducted 266 traffic stops for the month of September with 186 traffic tickets issued and 8 Driving While Intoxicated arrests.

In comparing September 2013 to September of 2012, calls for service were down 6% (781/733); Criminal arrests were down 4% (74/71); traffic arrests were up 102% (92/186); traffic accidents were down 15% (44/37); and Driving While Intoxicated arrests were down 11% (9/8).

The Seneca Falls Police Department was assisted by outside law enforcement agencies on 32 calls for service and assisted other outside law enforcement agencies on 3 calls for service in the month of September 2013.

Criminal Investigation Division

During September of 2013, the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Seneca Falls Police Department arrested 2 individuals on a total of 4 charges. Three of these were misdemeanor charges and there was one other.

CID continued to work on older open cases during September of 2013. This included the Bomb threat at the Wal-Mart, the Robbery at McDonalds. Also included in the older cases were (2) Grand Larceny cases from Wal-Mart. One of the Grand Larceny cases is from 2012 when SFPD did not have anyone assigned to CID. In this case a suspect has been identified and interviewed. This case will be closed with the application of a Felony arrest warrant. The other Grand Larceny case is from earlier this year. CID released surveillance footage to the public in regards to this case. CID received a credible lead from this release. As a result 2 suspects were identified. This case will be closed with the application of 2 Felony arrest warrants. CID also assisted with an older case involving the theft of two expensive racing bicycles. This case also involved the Waterloo Village Police Department who recovered the bicycles in the Village of Waterloo.

CID received a fraud case from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (Arizona) during September of 2013. This case was closed by investigation.

CID turned over (1) sexual offense case to the City of Geneva Police Department during September of 2013 – closed by investigation on SFPD end.

CID closed (2) more cases during September of 2013 – one sexual offense case was closed with no prosecution and another case was closed as a non-criminal civil case.

CID took on approximately (10) new cases during September of 2013. Included in the new cases was a burglary at the Seneca Meadows Landfill Tire Facility and a case involving the discharge of a Colt AR-15 within the Town of Seneca Falls. There are charge(s) pending in the AR-15 case.

CID continued to also work on numerous open cases from the previous month(s).

CID has continued to work with members from the NYS Police C-Net team and members of the Seneca County Drug Task force on drug related issues in the Town. CID would like to note in this report that drug complaints and activity have been on the rise in the Town of Seneca Falls.

CID also continues to assist the road patrol with cases.


On September 12th, 2013, Chief Peenstra completed a Human Trafficking Training Webinar presented by DHS Blue Campaign. This training covered topics discussing the difference between human trafficking and human smuggling. Chief Peenstra was instructed on the signs and indicators of human trafficking, how to spot possible hidden victims and how to support the reporting of human trafficking indicators to the ICE tip line.

Also on this date, Chief Peenstra completed online training on the topic, Discovery for Police. This training covered topics to seek information to clarify to law enforcement the particular items that fit into each category of discoverable material, information that inculpates and exculpates a suspect, the consequences when the information is not turned over and the role fairness plays in the process. It also included a discussion about how investigations are conducted and how information is gathered. Lastly on this date, Chief Peenstra completed Mandated Reporter Online Training, which covered topics of identifying and reporting child abuse and maltreatment.

On September 13th, 2013, Chief Peenstra completed online training on Identifying Procedures-Photo Array. This course was devoted to photographic identification (photo arrays) and is based on statewide guidelines for identification procedures that will enhance law enforcement’s ability to solve crime and protect the rights of the accused.

On September 17th, 2013, Chief Peenstra attended a Counter Terrorism Zone #7 – iSAGA (Situational Awareness Geospatial Application) training which was held at the Jewish Community Center in DeWitt, NY. iSAGA is a cloud based application that provides a highly customizable, simple to use situational awareness and infrastructure management capability that can geo-reference data from a variety of sources and map that information in real time, let users perform complex tasks, including database queries and location analysis and present vast amounts of data in succinct and understandable format. iSaga allows the user to display a variety of live data feeds including weather events, news, and social media. The customizable nature of the application allows information feeds to support an agency’s needs to be added as desired. The application allows the user to perform dozens of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tasks which traditionally require significant time and a trained GIS analyst quickly and easily. An intuitive interface also allows users to easily perform complex database queries, and view the results on the map or in tabular form. iSAGA is designed to provide situational awareness and a common operational picture for decision makers, command centers, and emergency responders. Through this modular design, each customer’s unique mission requirements can be addressed independently. iSAGA capabilities ensure optimal configuration options and flexibility both now and into the future.

On September 19th, 2013, Chief Peenstra attended a “Don’t Give Alcohol to Our Kids” forum held at the Comfort Suites Conference and Banquet Center in Cicero, NY. This was a discussion forum which participants from Community Anti-Drug Coalitions and local Law Enforcement Agencies discussed experiences of communities that have successfully implemented and are utilizing the Social Host Laws, and from communities that are in the process of passing this law.

On September 16th and 17th, 2013, Officer Sebastiano Gentile completed a two day training on DWI Courtroom Success, which was held at the Broome County Law Enforcement Academy in Binghamton, NY. This training included such things as DWI testimony and preparing for a DWI trial. The Seneca County District Attorney’s Office paid for the training and the hourly rate was paid for through Seneca County STOP DWI funds.

During the month of September 2013, Officer Robert Mansell completed online training on the following topics: Drug Raid Planning, Responding to Sniper/Mass Shootings, Officer Down 2, Safety on Traffic Stops, Spontaneous Knife Defense, Mobile Meth Labs, and 1st Responder Level Hostage Negotiations.

During the month of September 2013, the following members of the Seneca Falls Police Department were familiarized on the new Social Host Law of Seneca County; Sgt. Petrocci, Sgt. Hawker, Officer Denny and Officer Jacobsen. The purpose of this law is to protect the public interest, welfare, health and safety of our citizens by prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs by persons under 21 at or on private premises located in Seneca County, and to give law enforcement a viable recourse against anyone who permits such conduct.

Seneca Falls Police Participate in a Mock Training Exercise

On Saturday, September 28, 2013, the Seneca County Office of Emergency Services conducted a full scale exercise at 0830. The exercise took place in the parking lot of the old BonaDent facility located at 2465 BonaDent Drive in Seneca Falls. The exercise conducted was a hazardous materials based scenario involving an attempted chemical suicide with more than one victim. Local and State agencies that participated include: Seneca Falls Police Dept., Seneca Falls Fire Dept., Ontario County HazMat Team, Wayne County Decontamination Team, North Seneca Ambulance, Yates County Decontamination Team, Seneca County HazMat Team, Seneca County 911, NYS Office of Fire Prevention and Control and the NYS Office of Emergency Management.

During this exercise the Seneca Falls Police Department was the first agency dispatched to this mock scene. No information about the scenario was given to anyone that participated prior to being dispatched. Once on scene, the police department was required to recognize the threat and secure a perimeter. The responding police department members then made appropriate notifications and set up a command post. The Police Chief and shift Sergeant then ran the command post along with members from the Seneca Falls Fire Department; Seneca County E-911; and North Seneca Ambulance.

This exercise met the guidelines set forth in the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program.

Seneca Falls Police utilize “Taser AXON body” on-officer Camera

The Seneca Falls Police Department is now utilizing a new on-officer body camera designed by TASER Inc. called AXON BODY. The Axon body camera is a durable on-officer camera that will be worn on an officer’s uniform during his or her shift. This camera has been assigned to a specific officer and will record all of the officer’s police contacts.

U.S. law enforcement spends approximately $2 billion each year to resolve claims. Using on-officer cameras can help back up your agencies actions and reduce the cost of resolving complaints. Studies have shown that using cameras can reduce complaints by over 80%.

The Seneca Falls Police Department currently has 1 of these on-officer body cameras with intent to purchase more within the next year. This camera was purchased using 2013 funds budgeted from Seneca County STOP-DWI. STOP-DWI money has been budgeted in 2014 for future body camera purchases.

Request For Server Upgrade

The Seneca Falls Police Department is requesting the Town Board to upgrade their failing computer server. The police department has been dealing with the server randomly logging off and shutting down for many months. When the existing server logs off or shuts down it dramatically interrupts the department’s process. Everything from traffic tickets to criminal arrests and fingerprints are generated on a computer and must transfer through our server. Once this information is in our server it is distributed throughout to its appropriate location. This new server will also insure proper backup which is critical to records management. This server upgrade will be the last needed upgrade for the police department. All other computer related upgrades were purchased in 2012 utilizing the Citizen Empowerment Grant that we received through Town / Village Dissolution.

Our current IT provider, ENTRE has provided a quote to the Town Board members.

ENTRE made the below statement in regards to current server and the need to upgrade now:

1. The existing servers and related IT infrastructure are well past their useful life as they are approximately 7 years old, which is well past useful life, and is currently failing.

2. The current server backup process is in need of a refresh and there is a need for a more automated and reliable process for backups of the server.

3. A more rapid recovery process is desired in the event of a disaster.

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